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Making Your Health First Priority

Since 1993, the Oak Ridges Medical and Urgent Care Centre has been proud to serve the York Region community and its surrounding areas. Despite seeing over 60,000 patients yearly, we are still an unknown entity to many.

While our Clinic is unable to treat life-threatening injuries or illnesses, we can treat various non-emergency medical conditions such as lacerations, apply splints and casts, and perform minor surgical procedures, etc. Our Urgent Care Clinic is not only staffed with doctors and nurses experienced in Emergency Medicine, but it is also equipped with access to immediate on-site X-Ray Facilities, thereby performing similar to a Fast Track Area in an Emergency Department.

We are especially motivated to get patients seen and treated efficiently. Our aim is to minimize patient wait-times by increasing physician coverage to keep up with the surging demand of our growing community. Our Urgent Care Clinic offers those is need of non-emergency care a more timely option than the long wait times of a crowded Emergency Department.

We look forward to servicing the medical needs of our community for many years to come and we are especially grateful for the favorable reception our Care Centre has received. We are proud of our facility and we work diligently to provide the highest standard of medical care to all our patients.

-Your Oak Ridges Medical Centre Staff

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