About Us

Oak Ridges Medical and Urgent Care Clinic has provided services to community since 1993.  Despite seeing over 60,000 patients yearly, we are still an unknown entity to many.

What sets us apart from other medical facilities in York Region is our Urgent Care Clinic.  Properly equipped and staffed with nurses and doctors experienced in emergency medicine and having immediate in-house access to x-ray facilities, our urgent care clinic is able to perform in a similar manner to that of a fast track area of the emergency department. 

While our clinic does not treat emergent medical conditions (life and limb threatening illnesses), we are able to treat many of the non-emergent or urgent medical problems.  Our Urgent Care Clinic sutures many lacerations daily, applies a significant number of casts and splints to injured and broken limbs that are x-rayed on site and also performs minor surgical procedures as well as treating plantar warts, administering allergy shots and a host of other medical services.  Our clinic also has numerous on site, immediate diagnostic tests available such as Rapid Strep Testing which only takes 5 minutes. 

While our clinics abilities are unparalleled in the region, we are especially proud of our efforts to get patients seen and treated in an efficient manner.  Our goal is to minimize wait times by doubling up physicians coverage to keep up with the surging demands of our ever-growing community.  Given the extreme over-crowding of our emergency departments and the often 6-8 hours waiting times, our Urgent Care Clinic offers those with non-emergent problems a more timely option.

We look forwarding to servicing the medical needs of our community for many years to come and have very much enjoyed the highly favourable reception we have received to date.  We are extremely proud of our facility and are working very hard to continue to provided the highest standard of medical care to our community.

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​​Oak Ridges Medical & Urgent Care Centre